The American public has been exposed to travertine products only for the past decade or so.  Today, a select group of people know and understand the benefits and advantages of using travertine for outdoor projects. Travertine pavers are rapidly spreading as the preferred choice for architects and designers and their decision is influencing the public at large to make the same decision.

During the past decade Travertine Mart has been the most important source of information for travertine. We have provided hundreds of informative articles on our blog and throughout our website. Our forum is a heavily frequented source to gain additional knowledge about all aspects of travertine flooring from basic product questions to installation to care of travertine and delivery information.

Lately, we have realized that we were missing something very important that our clients are having a hard time with. They were having difficulties visualizing where the travertine was coming from and how it was being manufactured. So our creative team got to the case and took a trip to our exclusive travertine paver factory in Denizli, Turkey. The end result was a visual journey of how travertine pavers, tiles and pool coping were manufactured starting from the mountain -literally- to the final finishing process. We like the results and hope that you will too. Our team intends to continue to provide more guides for the American public to understand this magnificent product, travertine, better. Keep your eyes on us and enjoy the journey:

We source most of our travertine from Denizli, Turkey, which is know worldwide for its travertine, marble, and textile production.Direct  from the Quarry | Large blocks of travertine are mined from the quarry and transported to the factory for cutting.

The travertine is first cut into long slabsFrom there, it is easily cut into travertine paversTravertine TilesTravertine Pool Coping FabricationLastly, the Travertine is finished. Either tumbled, brushed & chiseled, or honed & filled.

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