Travertine Mart ships nationwide.


Freight Estimator

For our U.S. customers, we have created a Freight Estimator, integrated into the My Estimates feature on our website, to instantly obtain estimates inclusive of estimated freight costs.

The estimated rates provided by Travertine Mart are based on origin and destination locations, volume, weight, season and constantly fluctuating fuel costs and, therefore, are subject to change at any time.

The Freight Estimator is solely for planning purposes and is just an estimate. We highly recommend that you submit your estimate to us so that we may find the most efficient and cost effective shipping option for your order.


Shipping Companies

Travertine Mart contracts third-party shippers and is solely the shipping facilitator. Due to our high shipping volume, we are able to negotiate incredibly competitive shipping rates on your behalf. Any rates provided by Travertine Mart are for standard pick-up and delivery, unless otherwise noted.



Travertine Mart provides tracking information to you once your order has left our warehouse. Tracking information is usually available within 24-hours of shipping. Our logistics personnel are available to assist you with any inquiries you may have during transit.


Liftgate vs. Forklift

Depending upon weight, volume and shipping company, many orders will qualify for Liftgate Service upon delivery.

In certain cases where a liftgate is not available, a forklift will be required to unload the truck. Travertine Mart will always notify the customer before the order is placed if a forklift will be required to unload at delivery.



It is customer’s responsibility to provide contact information that allows the shipper to contact you when shipment is made. Additional storage and/or shipping charges and other warehouse charges will apply if customer cannot be contacted, is not available, does not have the means to unload or is not prepared to receive product; or if product is redirected upon customer’s request.

Delivery times must be communicated between customer and the shipping company. Travertine Mart will not be held liable for delays in delivery times.

Customers have the right to arrange for their own shipping company.


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