Silca Grate 16″ x 18.25″ X 1.5″ *SPRING SALE* (Until 05/29/20) (300px)

Silca Grate 16″ x 18.25″ X 1.5″ *SPRING SALE* (Until 05/29/20)

$6.45 $5.98/Sqft

Silca System ® is a structural subbase for elevated decks that is connected to wood floor joists providing a substructure for a wide variety of heavy decking materials such as travertine, marble and other natural stones. When building a new deck or resurfacing an existing deck. Silca System® is engineered for strength and easy installation to create an attractive, long-lasting, low maintenance deck. Silca Grate™ has made it possible for DIY homeowners, deck architects, deck designers, deck builders to be creative with new and exciting decking ideas for a durable deck flooring that enhances the outdoor living experience. Each Silca Grate covers 2 sqft.  This item ships separately. Please call us to receive a freight quote for your project (800) 556-9720.

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Silca Grate 16″ x 18.25″ X 1.5″ *SPRING SALE* (Until 05/29/20)

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