Travertine Tile

Do you sell travertine tiles for showers and bathrooms?

With the winter holidays behind us, spring is fast approaching. This means that now is the perfect time to start planning your bathroom remodel, so that when the ice thaws and the temperatures begin to warm up you can start your DIY home renovation right. If you're trying to determine which type of tiling is best for your new bathroom, consider using travertine. Travertine tile provides a number of benefits over traditional ceramic tile, and offers a more attractive, upscale look. Friends and family will be green with envy when they see your newly redone restroom. And, if you buy the supplies for your DIY travertine installation through Travertine Mart, they'll never believe the bargain price you paid for your luxurious new look!

What are the benefits of using travertine tile in the bathroom?
When renovating your bathroom, an easy way to add elegance and rich style is by using natural stone tiles such as travertine for your flooring, walls and decorative backsplashes. Travertine offers an ageless appearance that is known to stand the test of time. It is so durable, in fact, that Ancient Romans used it to create a number of their most famous (and long-lasting) structures, including the Colosseum! Travertine tile is an improvement over ceramic tile, which is often difficult to clean and may even be subject to cracking. Travertine tiles also offer a safer and less slippery surface than other common types of bathroom tile.

Travertine tiles are easy to care for, requiring only a simple dry cleaning with a dust mop for day-to-day maintenance. For a more thorough cleaning, just use a wet mop with a hot water and stone-cleaning solution. If your tile becomes stained, a poultice made with your stone cleaner and a small amount of baking powder should do the trick.

Which type of travertine tile will look best in my bathroom?
Travertine Mart offers a number of tile fashions for you to choose from for your custom home renovation. Tiles that are honed and filled are popular with bathroom remodels because they offer a sleek appearance that is especially attractive on walls and backsplashes. These types of tile are available in a number of colors and styles, including French patterns, country classic and more.

Brushed and chiseled tiles are a great choice for flooring because their chiseled edges offer extra traction, creating additional no-slip protection. These tiles are also available in a number of colors and styles, and, because of their natural stone look, can be made to match any type of travertine wall tile.

What should I know about installing travertine tiles in the bathroom?
Travertine tiles are easy to install and in most cases can be installed over your existing flooring. Before installation, make sure that your floor or wall area is completely flat. Generally, all tile installations should use the mud-set installation method, which will help ensure a smooth, flat surface area for your floor or wall.

If you're using tiles with a honed or tumbled finish, you'll need to ensure that the stones have been sealed before using them in the renovated area, which will help protect them from staining. You can seal them yourself using a professional-grade sealer from your local hardware store. If you're unsure which products or materials are best to use with your travertine stone, talk to one of the friendly and knowledgeable representatives at Travertine Mart. These professionals can help you make the most of your DIY travertine installation.

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