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Bathroom designs are simple this year

Simple Travertine Bathroom

Frameless showers, claw-foot tubs, relaxing paint shades and antique touches are among the design trends in bathrooms for 2011.

In a recent poll on the National Association for the Remodeling Industry website, when asked what room homeowners plan to remodel in the next six months, an overwhelming majority said the bathroom.

“Minimalism and simplicity is definitely a popular trend in baths right now. Many clients are looking to achieve a ‘spa’ type atmosphere and minimalism helps provide a tranquil feel,” said Kate Talbott, a designer at Millbrook Cabinetry and Design.

The spa-like bathroom can be achieved by using natural materials such as slate and travertine tiles, which are very popular right now, Talbott said.

“Oftentimes those materials are accented with glass and metal mosaics, which add visual interest to an otherwise subtle color palette,” she added.

This year’s color choices include relaxing and soothing shades for walls such as light, pale pink or yellow, and earth tones that help to reflect the “green” side that people are feeling, explained Jane Henderson of FW Interiors Design in Wappingers Falls.

“These colors may sound drab and dull but with the correct elements and within the right amounts, your home will seem like a masterpiece,” Henderson said.

“Remember, you do not have to paint an entire room with the same color. We are often suggesting to our clients to paint an accent wall with the dramatic hue and accenting the room with various elements that
can pull everything together.”

(via Jackie DiMarzo for the Poughkeepsie Journal)


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