Design Ideas

Bold looks for your staircase

If you’ve recently embarked on a project to redecorate your home, hopefully you’ve kept every important detail in mind. For example, you don’t want to paint the walls and ceiling and then ignore your flooring. This is why you should look into using travertine tiles on everything from your kitchen floors to your bathroom countertops, so that each small aspect of your home looks classy and complete. Another commonly overlooked part of your home is your staircase, and you should consider taking the time to make this part of your home really sparkle.

Your staircase is one of the first things people will notice when they enter your home, since it’s large, prominently placed and leads to the rest of your home. If your staircase is cracked or faded, it’s time to make some upgrades to truly wow your guests.

Add some color
Country Living magazine recommended that you try adding stripes to your staircase to give it a fun bit of color. You can do this using a striped carpet, or simply by painting it yourself. If stripes aren’t really your style, consider adding one bold color to your stairs, such as teal or green.

Rethink the banister
Another fun way to spice up your staircase is to give it a rustic look. For example, a nautical rope can be used as a fun alternative to a traditional banister. You can also paint the banister a fun color, which can really give it a bold look.

Create fun lighting
Staircase lighting is not only a great addition to your home’s decorating scheme, but it can also help keep your family safe while walking down the stairs at night. BoldSky recommended that if your staircase is made out of wood, you should consider box-shaped flower wood lights, which can cast a fun pattern on the stairs and bring out the natural beauty of the wood. Another creative lighting idea for a staircase is to place button lights in the middle of each stair. The news source recommended these lights for fiberglass stairs in particular.

If you have a large railing, consider adding knob lights to them. These lights are placed at regular intervals along the banister and can make the staircase look more spacious.

Display your favorite belongings
Staircases are also great places to show off some of the items you’ve collected on vacations. You can build shelves along the staircase and place sea shells, knick-knacks and other items that show off where you and your family have been. You can also use a staircase to show pictures you’ve taken of your family and your favorite places.

Number the stairs
Another fun staircase idea from Country Living is to place large numbers on each of your stairs. This is an especially good idea if you have children, since you can teach them how to count and safely climb the stairs at the same time.

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