Design Ideas

Creative backyard accessories to consider

If you have artistic pavers in your backyard, then clearly you care about what your garden looks like. Travertine pavers are a great addition to your yard because not only can they help add a little character, but they also come in neutral colors that will complement whatever else you choose to put back there. If you’re the kind of person who likes to be a little whimsical, you may want to add some quirky accessories to your yard.

However, the last thing you want to do is have the same old boring garden gnomes as everyone else. There are many backyard design ideas that allow you to incorporate fun accessories into your garden that will look cute and original rather than cheesy.

Look for bowling balls

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch recommended adding bowling balls to your backyard if you want to have some funky accessories out there. The news source spoke to one woman who placed both black and colorful bowling balls throughout various spaces in her garden to add a touch of whimsy. While it may be expensive to purchase bowling balls from a pro shop, you should consider looking for alleys that may be going out of business. They may choose to liquidate their merchandise and you can get a great deal on some balls.

Mirrors aren’t just for indoors

The news source also suggested that people add mirrors to their backyards. For example, if the back of your garage is facing your backyard, consider hanging a mirror there, which will help your garden look larger and is likely something that your neighbors will find truly unique. The Post-Dispatch also recommended painting a mirror a vibrant color and placing it behind a full bed of flowers to highlight their natural beauty.

Save those old tools

If you have gardening tools that are rusted or broken, you shouldn’t throw them out, you should add them to your garden. According to Better Homes and Gardens magazine, old tools can be fastened together and placed in the ground to create an inexpensive trellis that’s perfect for climbing plants.

Don’t throw away an old bench

Do you have a wooden bench that your family has enjoyed for years that’s seen better days? Before you throw it away, consider building a simple shelf over the seat and use it as a new way to display potted plants in your backyard. Or, paint the bench crazy colors and let it serve as a cool backyard decoration all on its own.

Use watering cans as decor

Many people may not use watering cans to take care of their plants anymore because they have sprinkler systems built into their yards. If you have any watering cans lying around your home that you don’t know what to do with, consider painting them and placing them around your yard. You can even place soil and plants in them so they can serve as pots.

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