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The must-haves of fall decor you need to get now

Do you love fall? If so, you're certainly not alone. This is many people's favorite season to make changes to their home, which is why now is a good time to consider installing some travertine tile in your kitchen, or maybe create a beautiful path leading up to your front door with natural stone pavers just in time for the holiday season. It's not just the average Joe who loves fall, but famous designers to the stars as well, which is why you may want to look to them for inspiration on how to get your home fall-ready. 

For example, Houzz recently spoke to celebrity interior designer Adam Hunter, who offered advice on fall decorating as well as some must-haves for the season. First, he explained that when you're decorating for autumn, you should go for affordable and all-natural options. 

"Take your cues from nature; use your imagination and use what you have in your home in different ways. Take a walk in the woods and collect natural objects that catch your eye along the way: rocks, leaves, nuts and even old logs. Make small vignettes with what you find. Get creative! Surround a candleholder with vines and fall leaves, berries and rocks. It looks fabulous, and you can't buy it," Hunter told the news source. 

What do you need for fall?
Hunter went on to say what he believes are the must-haves for fall decor. For example, he said that you can't give your home that autumn feeling without grabbing some heirloom pumpkins. These are not the kinds that you carve during Halloween, but rather the small, colorful kinds that tend to come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Unlike traditional, larger pumpkins, these smaller versions make people think of the entire season of fall rather than just Halloween. Also, they can be placed throughout any room in your home. 

Hunter also explained that fall's all about unique and seasonal smells such as apple, caramel, cinnamon and even the smell of a wood-burning stove. This is why you should consider picking up candles or even home sprays that give off these scents, which is a simple and affordable way to add a little something extra to your home. 

HGTV recommended that during the fall you should pick up some paisley accessories, whether it's napkins and tablecloths or pillowcases and new bedding. Also, the news source noted that natural, handcrafted baskets are a great addition to your home during fall, so you should consider picking up some wicker baskets to feature in your living room, kitchen or dining room. Furthermore, the fall tends to be a very busy time for most families – between back-to-school activities and picking up Halloween costumes – which is why HGTV suggested getting a chic bamboo dry-erase board to write little reminders and notes to your family. Also, you may want to consider painting a cabinet in your home with chalkboard paint, another creative way to leave your family notes. 

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