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The top 5 kitchen design mistakes

If you’re remodeling your kitchen, one of the best decisions you can make is to buy travertine tile for your floor and counter. Travertine tiles are always a great choice because their sleek design and neutral colors look great no matter what other changes you decide to make to your kitchen. However, not all kitchen design decisions are good ones. There are some decor ideas that may seem good at the time, but could end up disrupting the workflow of your kitchen, and if you can’t cook smoothly in this space, then it won’t matter what type of decor is in there.

Here are five of the most common kitchen design mistakes that you may want to avoid.

1. Having a large island
Cultivate spoke to interior designers Ili Nilsson and Maika Winter, who explained that you’ll often see modern kitchens advertised as having an island that’s built to not only eat and prepare food on, but also for extra storage and a place for the whole family to spend time together. However, they explained that bigger isn’t always better. According to Nilsson, an island that’s more than 48 inches deep will force you to have to walk around it to keep it clean. Also, you may start buying more pots, pans and other things you don’t need just because you have the space.

2. Using too much texture
Winter explained how having too many different textures in your kitchen can be a problem.

“The mistake I see most from do-it-yourselfers is going overboard with texture and unique materials,” Winter told Cultivate. “It’s easy to get caught up in them – they’re all beautiful, and you want to use everything you find in the showroom. Remember, materials generally stand out more when there is less around them to compete.”

3. Not considering fridge placement
When designing your kitchen, it’s very important to keep refrigerator in mind. People often forget how much time they spend standing in front of the fridge picking out a snack, so make sure that you won’t hit the island when you open the fridge door.

4. Installing poor lighting
TLC explained that there needs to be three types of lighting in every room, and that includes the kitchen. Too often, people simply have harsh, overhead lighting in their kitchens, but you don’t want to be blinded every time you go to get a midnight snack. This is why you should look at every part of your kitchen and determine where there needs to be the most light. For example, you’ll want a strong light over your stove and anywhere you chop foods, since it could be dangerous to not be able to see these areas clearly. However, you may want to install recessed lighting or small lamps on the island so you can have less light while enjoying a meal.

5. Not considering ventilation
You don’t want your kitchen to smell like last night’s meal, but it will if you forget to place vents in it to air it out, so be sure to keep ventilation in mind.

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