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Think spherically with your decorating scheme this season

The fall is the perfect time to redecorate both the inside and the outside of your home. While it may have been too hot during the summer to spend time using natural stone pavers to make a beautiful travertine path in your backyard or head out to shop for some travertine tiles, now that the weather is getting cooler you may want to consider making some changes.

During the fall, it’s common to see people using apples, oranges and pumpkins as part of their decor. Along with all being foods, all of these items are also round. There are many ways to use orbs in your decorating scheme – here are just a few ideas.

The many uses of orbs

According to a recent article published by Scripps Howard News Service, orbs are simple and easy to use, yet they bring with them a certain dramatic flair. One example the news source gave was if you live in an area that sees a lot of beautiful fall foliage, you can collect some of the leaves and branches outside of your home and create a beautiful bouquet – using an orb in the center of it to offer it some structure. The author of the article explained that she topped an iron garden urn in her backyard with a metal orb, and used it to weigh down some branches and leaves she had collected to create a gorgeous display.

If you have a large glass vase in your home that you never seem to have enough flowers to fill, consider filling it with orbs instead. You can find many beautiful, colorful spheres from your local craft store that will look great simply piled together in a vase. Similarly, you can use a large bowl to display decorative orbs in your front room or dining room.

You can also use orbs to complement the travertine pavers you have in your backyard. explained that large spheres can be placed next to a path in your backyard to create a truly unique landscape. Not only will these look great, but they will also draw attention to the beautiful path you have in your yard that some visitors may have overlooked.

If you’re willing to spend a little more, you should look for orbs to display prominently in your home that are made out of interesting materials. For example, you could find spheres made out of marble, silver or even gold that can serve as focal points throughout your house.

You should also look into orb lamps that can hang from your ceiling, these are extremely popular and are sure to impress your guests. These types of lamps look particularly great in a kitchen or a room where you may not have a lot of space for floor lamps.

Also, consider looking for spherically shaped furniture, which is very modern and has grown in popularity in the past few years.

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