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This year, have a classy Halloween

If you’re the kind of classy person who likes to have elegant things in and around your home, like travertine tiles and stone pavers, you may not be a big fan of Halloween. This holiday often involves a lot of tacky decor, such as fake witches and wizards, plastic spiders and toy eyeballs – but it doesn’t have to. Just because it’s Halloween doesn’t mean you have to throw class and sophistication out the window – there are many ways to elegantly decorate for this holiday in a way that’s sure to impress your friends and neighbors.

Ignore orange

One way to add a little class to your Halloween home decor is to stick to a classic black and white theme, and avoid the traditional orange that’s associated with this holiday. You can even paint a pumpkin white and add black details to it to truly stick with this idea. In the end, black and white can create an even spookier look than black and orange, so don’t be afraid that this won’t look scary enough for Halloween.

Utilize urns

If you don’t have large urns by your front door, you should consider getting some, since they can be utilized in home decor throughout the entire year. In the fall, you can place gourds such as pumpkins and squash in them to create a beautiful look, and you can use them as classy Halloween decorations as well. Better Homes and Gardens magazine recommended filling urns with long branches that you can attach fake ravens to for a scary yet subtle look.

Look for interesting materials

According to House Beautiful magazine, you can look for Halloween decorations made out of elegant materials. For example, fake pumpkins made out of velvet or silver or cast-iron witches can make for gorgeous decorations.

Decorate with keys

There’s something really spooky about skeleton keys that makes them the perfect elegant Halloween decorations. Find some antique keys and hang them on a string around your door the same way you would Christmas lights.

Create a scary wreath

Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas – you can create one out of ash-colored Spanish moss that will look sophisticated and spooky at the same time. Consider placing another one of the fake ravens in this wreath to give it an added level of scariness.

Purchase some lanterns

Lanterns are great for not just Halloween decor, but for all of fall. You can place them along the elegant travertine pavers leading up to your front door to create a beautiful path out of lights. For Halloween, look for lanterns that cast a shadow of a black cat, witch or some other spooky thing.

Bake some delicious treats

Of course, Halloween is still about sweets, which is why you’ll still want to have something available for the kids who will come to your door. If you want to set yourself apart, consider baking delicious brownies and cupcakes to hand out instead of simply purchasing bulk candy that everyone else will have.

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