Design Ideas

Tips for adding life and color to your walls

Decorating can be tough. You can pick out beautiful travertine tiles for your bathroom, gorgeous furniture for your living room and the perfect natural stone pavers to complement your garden, and still be left with a house that feels unfinished. There could be many reasons why your home feels this way. For example, do you have anything on your walls or are they just all one solid color? Blank walls can leave a home feeling cold and empty, which is why you should look into ways to add some life and texture to your walls.

Whether it’s fine art or movie posters, there’s some form of wall covering that’s sure to be right for your home – you just have to get a little creative.

Look for an attention-grabbing piece
Better Homes and Gardens magazine recommended that you have at least one thing on your walls that’s a major attention-grabber. This should be one large piece that features bright colors or large words that people will notice immediately. Once you have this piece up, you can put accessories that you’re particularly proud of around it to ensure that they get noticed.

Try out different calendars
There are many beautiful calendars available that don’t merely serve to remind you what day it is – they can also be great wall decorations. Look for calendars that feature beautiful photography or feature the artwork of famous artists.

Purchase some clocks
Clocks can be incredibly interesting looking, which is why you should seek some out to hang on your walls. Themed clocks can show off your hobbies and interests such as shopping, fishing, sports and movies. You can find these in specialty shops or on the Internet.

Buy one piece of expensive art
While you may not have the budget to purchase multiple art pieces, you should consider getting one expensive piece of art that you can show off in your home and use to make one wall really stand out. Elle magazine spoke to David Kassel, the founder of ILevel, a New York-based professional art placement and installation service, who explained that if you’re hanging one single piece of art, it should be around 60 inches off the ground so that it’s at eye level. However, if you happen to be hanging multiple pieces, he recommended that you don’t treat your wall as a grid. Instead, you should hang them in a way that feels a little more random and less regimented.

Search through antique shops
Antique stores often sell old blueprints and maps that look beautiful when they’re framed and placed on a wall. If you’re unsure where to go to purchase wall coverings, consider starting at your local antique shop.

Find vintage movie posters
Movie posters from the ’40s, ’50s and ’60s are often hand-drawn and gorgeous. If you’re a movie buff, you should consider purchasing some of these posters to display prominently on your walls. There are also some modern movie posters that could look great.

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