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Tips for arranging furniture like a pro

One of the best things about choosing travertine tile for your home is that it can go with anything. Some Travertine tiles come in neutral colors, so they’ll look great with whatever furniture you choose. This may inspire you to constantly switch out your furniture for different items to keep your home feeling fresh over the years. If you’re always moving furniture around, you may sometimes be at a loss for how to arrange it. Arranging furniture is an art form in itself, and you shouldn’t feel bad if you’re unsure how to do it like a professional.

Here are some tricks of the trade to help you arrange your couches, tables and chairs like a pro.

Measure the room
According to HGTV, the first step in arranging furniture in a space is to measure the dimensions of a room. This will help you determine where the best place for larger pieces is, and how much room you need to leave in between pieces so individuals can walk around without bumping into things.

Get the right sized area rug
Woman’s Day magazine explained that your furniture arrangement may look odd if you don’t get the right sized area rug. For example, a rug that isn’t large enough will make a small room seem smaller and a large room look disconnected.

Go for the triangle look
HGTV recommended looking at your room the same way an artist looks at a painting. Artists use tricks to create a sense of depth and color, and you should do the same while arranging furniture. The news source suggested that you use a common painters’ trick known as triangulation. In home decor, an example of triangulation would be when you have a couch with two end tables on either side of it and a painting hanging on the wall above it. This can help make a room seem larger.

Purchase a large coffee table
Coffee tables are both functional and great decor pieces. You should purchase a large one, because just like a larger area rug, it can help expand and connect a room. Woman’s Day recommended that if, for some reason, you can’t have a large coffee table, you should go for skinny and long.

Keep dressers by walls
If you have a dresser in your bedroom or even holding linens in your living room, you should always keep it up against the wall. These aren’t stand-alone pieces, especially considering that the backs of them are often plain and uninteresting.

Place seating facing something
Better Homes and Gardens magazine explained that the seating in your living room should always be facing something interesting. This could be a dramatic painting, a fireplace, a television or a window that has a dramatic view.

Pick the right dining room table
The living room isn’t the only space you have to think about arranging furniture in – you also need to focus on your dining room. The table is the most important piece in this room, so be sure to choose the right one. Circular tables are good for smaller rooms, while rectangular tables are better for a rectangular room.

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