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Try out the ombre look in your home

Are you someone who loves do-it-yourself projects? If so, you should purchase artistic pavers and embark on a DIY travertine installation project. You can easily install travertine pavers in front of your home to create a beautiful walkway that’s sure to wow your guests. Once you have your new path installed, you should look for other DIY projects you can tackle around the house. For example, you may want to try out the new ombre paint trend.

The ombre look isn’t just something you can get for your hair – you can try out an ombre painting pattern on many other things in your home. According to Babble, painting a piece of furniture ombre can turn even the drabbest piece into something that looks like a modern work of art. Furthermore, Martha Stewart Living magazine stated that using different tones of the same color in decor creates a sense of depth, and gives a piece of furniture a life of its own. Here are some ideas for ways you can try the ombre look in your home.

Transform your old wooden chairs

If you have old chairs that are taking up space in your garage, you should take them out and give them the ombre look. Babble recommended that you start with a blue and white pattern, since blue is an easy color to work with and if you don’t like how the chair turns out, you can simply paint the whole thing blue.

Make your banister more exciting

Painting the wooden spokes that hold up your banister different shades of the same color is a great way to have the ombre look in your home. Choose a color that isn’t overwhelming for this project, such as a yellow or green rather than black or red.

Get some new pillowcases

You can create a beautiful look in your bedroom by getting pillowcases that can create an ombre pattern on your bed. Martha Stewart Living suggested getting pillowcases with different shades of the same color – just make sure that they pair well with your comforter. You should also consider creating the ombre look on your sofa by getting new pillows.

Paint your walls

If you feel as though you have a firm grasp on how to make a beautiful ombre pattern, then consider going all-out and painting a wall in your home ombre. Babble recommended trying this look in an entranceway rather than in your living room or bedroom, where you may want to keep things a little more traditional.

Glam up non-traditional items

There may be things in your home that you’ve never considered painting, but could be totally transformed in a few short minutes with some paint. For example, consider painting your radiator in an ombre pattern. This is an especially good idea if you have a smaller space where you need to make every item count as a piece of decor. Just be sure your heat’s off, because you don’t want to paint or even touch a hot radiator.

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