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Use navy blue to complement your travertine tile

One of the many great things about travertine tiles is that they come in neutral colors that will work with any other colors you choose to have in your hallway, entranceway, bathroom or kitchen. Once you buy travertine tiles for your home, the possibilities are endless for what other colors you can pair them with. However, if you’ve been having a hard time deciding what colors you want to use throughout your house, then all of the options that travertine tiles work with may seem overwhelming.

If you’re having difficulty making color choices, consider trying out navy blue. Just like your new travertine tiles, navy blue works with many other colors and could be the right choice for your home. Here are some tips for decorating with navy blue.

Create depth recommended that if you have a smaller space, you should consider painting your walls navy blue. This color can create a sense of depth that may help make your room appear larger than it actually is. The decorating website added that navy blue is a great choice because it’s a hue that often gets a lot of respect, even from people who normally wouldn’t choose it for their own homes.

Go for navy furniture
If you’re not ready to commit to navy blue walls, consider having furniture in this color instead. The Journal-Star, a Nebraska news source, stated that navy blue is an excellent choice for furniture because it’s dark enough to be forgiving if any pet stains or spilled soda end up on it. Also, if you have a white or red couch, navy pillows are a great way to add a touch of color that will go with your existing furniture.

Use it in boys’ rooms
Houzz explained that while blue is a traditional color for boys’ rooms, you should make sure to use a navy blue as opposed to a lighter one. Navy blue is timeless, so your son will be able to keep his walls the same well into his teenage years. Also, Houzz pointed out that many boys tend to prefer darker hues, another reason why navy may be a good choice in a boy’s room.

Paint your bathroom navy
Blue is known to be a soothing color, especially dark blues. This is why you may want to pair the travertine tiles you have in your bathroom with navy walls, so that you can take a nice relaxing bath and look at your calm blue walls.

Get navy dishes
Decorating your home isn’t just about what to paint the walls or how to tile the floors: What you place in your dining room is also a factor. The Journal-Star recommended that you choose navy plates for your dining room because this color can work for both a casual and formal setting. The news source suggested pairing these plates with an orange charger in the fall and a leather or silver charger as a base during the holidays.

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