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Where’s the best place for a bench in your home?

Once you've installed travertine tiles in your kitchen or bathroom and beautiful natural stone pavers in your front yard, you may take a look around the rest of your home and feel as though it's time to upgrade other parts of your style as well. Of course, decorating can be stressful and overwhelming, which is why it's sometimes a good idea to turn to the experts for help. 

Recently, The Washington Post spoke to David Mitchell, who is one of Washington D.C.'s most popular and influential interior designers. The news source invited readers to email Mitchell and ask him for help with all of their pressing decorating questions. For example, one person wrote in asking if it would be a good idea to add a bench for seating in the dining room area, something many people may have considered if they love to entertain but do not have enough chairs for all of their guests. He response was that he didn't so. 

"A bench always looks good in a shelter magazine but I find them to be nonfunctional as seating in a dining room," Mitchell told the reader, quoted by The Washington Post. "You have to remember that four people will be sitting on this bench and it's hard to move around. If you're the guy in the middle and you have to use the restroom, you're in trouble. Your chairs seem to be a simple design almost like a schoolhouse chair. I think you could find similar chairs and give a mix-match look to the dining room. There are some great folding chairs available now that you can tuck away in a closet when you're not using them for a dinner party." 

Proper ways to use benches
Of course, just because Mitchell pointed out that benches in the dining room may be a bad idea doesn't mean they don't have a place in home decor. According to Dwell, built-in benches are a great look for your living room because they allow a little nook where you can curl up with a book and cup of tea. 

Another interesting place to think about placing a bench is the bathroom. You can put it by a vanity to use it while doing your makeup, or even install one in the shower. Dwell explained that some people are opting to get rid of bathtubs in favor of a large shower, but are installing benches in case they feel an urge to sit for a bit during their early morning or late evening wash-up. 

Do you have a great outdoor made out of travertine patio pavers? If so, you should consider placing a bench out here as well. This way, you can invite more guests out on your patio without having to drag indoor chairs outside and risk forgetting about them and leaving them out in the rain. 

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