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Which color travertine goes best with Tennessee fieldstone?

If you've decided to renovate your home's exterior using travertine pavers, you're probably anxious to get started. Installing travertine pavers will add a touch of simple elegance and old-world flair to any outdoor living area. Due to its natural appearance, travertine can be used to upgrade just about any established space. One of the most common concerns for homeowners is how best to match pavers to other stones or decor already present.

One of the most frequently used stones is Tennessee fieldstone, another natural stone that can be made to match just about any outdoor decor theme. The stone is often used in creating walls, patios, outdoor fireplaces and other exterior structures. It can range in appearance from a tannish-brown color to different shades of gray. Some stones have a slight greenish appearance, reminiscent of limestone. Structures may contain a mix of these colored stones.

Because travertine and Tennessee fieldstone are natural stones with natural colors, just about any shade can be used to successfully update your outdoor space. If you're looking for a more unified look, however, Travertine Mart offers a few suggestions.

Walnut pavers, which range in color from light gray-brown to a darker, tan hue, work very well with Tennessee fieldstone structures that include both light- and medium-brown stones. Softer shades, such as walnut, may be used to lighten up a space and make it feel more airy. Tumbled walnut pavers have a natural marbled look, which can add a rich, textured appearance.

Noche pavers offer a darker brown, which may work better with some types of Tennessee stone. Noche is a few shades darker than walnut and may also be used to blend well with darker woods to create a cohesive backyard patio design.

In short, no matter which shade you use in your DIY travertine installation, your outdoor living area will result in a natural, classic look. Choose the travertine paver that appeals to you most to create a look you'll love.

Travertine Mart offers a large variety of shades that will help you create your ideal space. Customer service experts are on-hand to help you select the best pavers for your home improvement project. Call a Travertine Mart representative or visit the site today for more details.

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