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How to improve the appeal of your travertine tile restaurant bathroom

In the restaurant industry, presentation is everything. Even if you manage to put together a delicious menu, a dinner plate that arrives at a table looking sloppy, mushy and downright strange isn't going to appeal to many guests – despite how good it tastes.

Because of this, it's also important to create a warm, comfortable aesthetic in your restaurant. While much of your attention will likely be on areas like the front entrance, outdoor travertine paver patio or dining room, this doesn't mean you should neglect the aesthetic of more practical areas, such as the bathroom.

Not sure where to begin improving the overall appeal of your lavatories? Here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind for your restaurant.

Fragrant touches
One of the most effective ways you can create a more appealing aesthetic in your bathrooms is through the use of flowers and potpourri. Considering the bad odors that can linger in this area, these fragrant additions will offer an appealing aroma to mask these smells.

In addition to their olfactory qualities, flowers and potpourri also make for welcome visual decorations. When placed on the sink countertop or on a small wooden pedestal in the bathroom, these design touches can help make the bathroom an inviting place.

Ornate lighting fixtures
You don't want to go overboard with the decor in your bathroom, as this may come off as unusual to guests who simply want to use the facilities. However, tweaking the practical elements already in place in the room can be a chic and subtle way to improve the decor.

One great place to begin this process is with your bathroom lighting. Instead of just relying on harsh fluorescent lights to get the job done, invest in ornate wall and ceiling fixtures. Installations that feature attractive brass or stainless steel designs can add a sense of sophistication to your establishment.

The right flooring materials
In keeping with the philosophy of taking practical elements and improving their decorative appeal, you may want to think about purchasing travertine tiles for your restaurant bathroom. These warm, luxurious stones can provide a clean and rustic appeal to your restaurants flooring that guests are sure to appreciate. It's also good to know that travertine installation is resistant to moisture and water damage, which makes it perfect for facilities used frequently by restaurant diners.

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