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Looking to increase business? Three ways to expand your restaurant’s seating area

The key to success in the restaurant industry is to always be on the lookout for new customers. Whether you’ve decided to revamp the menu, update your decor with travertine tiles, begin a new advertising campaign or host a weekly karaoke night, there are numerous ways to get the word out about your establishment to local diners.

Once you’ve started to see an influx of new guests, it’s important to provide suitable seating arrangements to accommodate increased business. After all, the last thing you want to do is turn away patrons due to long lines and wait times.

But how can you do this while working within the limitations of your property? Here are a few restaurant tips to keep in mind for expanding your seating areas.

Small sidewalk patio
One way you can add more tables and chairs to your establishment without knocking down any walls is by creating a makeshift sidewalk patio. Using travertine pavers to extend the front of your restaurant to the neighborhood outside will not only allow you to serve more guests, but it will make your eatery a more prominent fixture for motorists and sidewalk traffic passing by.

If there isn’t much room for an extensive patio project, consider putting up a few potted plants to frame the outdoor eating area. You can then place a handful of tables and chairs on the front sidewalk to accommodate guests who just want to stop by for a drink or quick lunch and enjoy the fresh air.

Restaurant bar
If you’ve been entertaining the idea of offering beer, wine or even mixed drinks to your patrons, designing a bar area in your restaurant is a great way to open up seating. Not only will you be attracting new customers who want to stop in for a few drinks in the evening, but you’ll also provide more individual seating for smaller groups who want to order food and hit the road.

One of the best things about a bar is that it doesn’t take up much space, meaning you won’t have to dedicate much floor room from your main dining area. With a simple bar and a number of tall stools, you can quickly increase your restaurant’s capacity.

Back deck
You can also utilize the rear of your restaurant’s property by building a deck area. Whether this spot rests on the ground or is raised up, you can easily extend the appeal of your establishment to include warm weather, sunshine and cool breezes during the spring and summer months.

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