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Notable Travertine Projects From Around the World

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When you start to look at the most notable pieces of architectural design and influence from around the world, you will start to see a great number of different elements working together to showcase a décor elegance that many will want in the home. You may hear the terms often when discussing design, but you may not know how they are placed in the most compelling arenas around the world. It’s with that in mind that you should consider the way travertine has been employed as one of the crucial elements of aesthetic design. Take a look at just a handful of places that employs this and you’ll definitely want to employ it in your home next.

Ancient Rome

The first stop when considering the usage of this stone is ancient Rome. The romans utilized this natural stone to pave roads, tiles to put in palaces and architecture as well as counters and beyond. The rich tradition of this amazing limestone family member reaches back to what some historians call the greatest civilization in the history of the world. While some will argue that the usage was only due to lack of other options, it’s important to establish a sense of exquisite and compelling taste from the Roman Empire.

The Getty Center – Los Angeles, California

The Getty Center is a showcase of beautiful artwork, furniture, and garden areas. A tourist destination that is set overlooking a great city scape and to the west the ocean, the Getty as it is known to locals is an art museum that has every different piece of design thought out well ahead of schedule. The pieces come together from the point where you step foot on the property to the moment when you’re driving away. The pieces come together to form a rich tapestry of design, especially with the way travertine is used alongside walls, floors indoor and out. You’ll notice that each piece fits together in such a simple way that you may overlook it upon visiting.

Willis Tower – New York City, New York

Perhaps the best travertine design that you can look into is located in the financial center of the world. This building hosts 108 stories and has granite all over the place, but it’s the walls that will bring you to a design view that is quite compelling to say the least. The walls are all done in this natural stone and they showcase a sense of décor that you will not find anywhere else. Sure, others have emulated the style, but you truly get a sense of aesthetic masterwork when you’re looking at the walls of this tall building.

Travertine options abound for those that are looking at creating an overall complex look and feel to walkways, floors, kitchens, bathrooms, and even pool areas. You’ll find that this limestone family option is definitely worth investing into. All it takes is to look at the aforementioned examples as reasons why this is still used today to create an aura of value that is not going to be rivaled with simple solutions.

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