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4 signs you’re ready for a backyard makeover with travertine pavers

For many homeowners, the front yard is a landscaping priority – after all, this is the space that’s on display for your whole neighborhood to see! But even if you have a pleasant front yard that’s improving your home’s curb appeal, you could be doing your family a disservice if you haven’t taken the time to evaluate the usefulness and look of your backyard.

If you don’t consider your backyard a space where you’d like to spend much time hanging out, gardening or hosting guests, it may be time for an upgrade with travertine pavers and a few other additions. Here are five signs it’s time to rethink your backyard design.

1. Your kids would rather play inside
Even though kids have plenty of things to do indoors, most children relish the opportunity to get fresh air and run around outdoors when the weather’s nice. However, your little ones might not be up for a game of backyard tag or picnicking outdoors if your backyard doesn’t cater to their needs.

If the grass is patchy, there are no places to hang out or there’s no shade to protect them from the sun, it might be time to upgrade your backyard with a patio of travertine pavers. An arbor can offer shade, while the natural stone pavers can provide a good surface for chairs and tables.

2. There’s no privacy
There’s nothing worse then heading into the backyard only to realize that everything you do can be seen by your neighbors. If you don’t have a space that’s private, you won’t feel comfortable entertaining guests or lounging on your property.

Consider planting high shrubs or hedges to shield your yard from the eyes of those surrounding your home, or use pavers to build a patio with walls.

3. Your patio materials look shabby
If you have a backyard patio but it looks like it’s seen better days, it’s definitely time for a new design. Materials like brick and concrete can become damaged and degrade over the years, which could leave you with cracks and missing stone pieces that make your patio look old.

Instead, use travertine patio pavers for the floor of your patio. These stones are durable and easy to maintain, so you can rest assured knowing that your makeover efforts will last for years to come.

4. You don’t look forward to entertaining guests
One of the best parts of having a nice backyard is that you feel comfortable and confident entertaining guests in it. If it’s been a while since you felt good about inviting people to visit your space, ask yourself why.

Is it because you’re embarrassed of the look of your lawn? Is it because you don’t think you have enough seating? Be honest with yourself about what it is that’s stopping you from having people over in your backyard, then work to fix the problem through lawn maintenance, gardening or travertine installation. In no time, you’ll have a backyard that you can be proud of!

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