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Backyard design mistakes you should look out for

Your backyard should be a place where your whole family can relax and have a good time. In order for this to happen, you’ll want your yard to look its best. One of the simplest ways to improve its look is to install backyard patio pavers. Travertine pavers are beautiful and can turn your backyard into an oasis for everyone to enjoy. If you’re considering redesigning your backyard to make it more appealing, you’ll want to avoid making some common mistakes that people tend to make when designing their backyards.

Not factoring in growth
MSN explained that often, people will plant a tree or a shrub with the wishful thinking that it’ll stay at the perfect height, say right under a window ledge. However, they may then find that no matter how much they cut or trim the shrub or tree, it still grows to be out of control. According to the news source, experts say that expecting a tree or shrub to stay at a certain height is as realistic as hoping a child won’t grow up.

“Any plant is programmed to grow a certain height,” Joe Machcinski, owner of Pangea Gardenscapes in Washington State, told MSN. “You can’t keep a big plant small. You can’t prune it the way you like it. It’s just going to continue to grow. I’ve seen a lot of mispruned plants, and I just shake my head. Why not just do your research or let someone who knows their plants lay them out properly?”

He said that the solution is to read the label at the plant store and check the maturity and plant based on that.

Forgetting how the yard will be used
According to Five Star Landscape, many people forget to consider how their yard will be utilized while landscaping. It’s important to keep in mind that you may have to access gas and electrical lines in the future, so you don’t want to install your travertine pavers over them or place an above ground pool on top of them.

Having too much garden art
While you may love that garden gnome that you got as a housewarming gift, chances are he doesn’t need a friend. Having too many cute items in your backyard will take away from the plants, flowers and other lovely natural items you have growing back there. The best thing for your yard is to keep it simple and pretty – all you really need is nature.

Not considering lighting
Most of the work you do in your backyard probably gets accomplished during the day. However, you want to be able to enjoy it on warm summer nights with a nice glass of wine and all of your good friends. This is why you should consider installing lighting in your backyard. Lights can be installed into the ground, and you should keep them at a low voltage to keep up with the relaxed feel of your backyard – you don’t want it to look too harsh.

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