Travertine Pavers

How do Travertine Pavers hold up in Cold Weather Climates?

We are often asked the question of how Travertine Pavers hold up in a freeze/ thaw climate from many of our customers that are located in the Northern states. The good news: Travertine Pavers can withstand the fluctuations in cold weather and harsh freeze/ thaw climates just as easily as they can endure 100F+ scorching summers in the south.

In fact the same benefits that make Travertine so perfect for outdoors, such as porosity, quick water absorption, and tumbled edges can, on the flip-side, make it easily destructible in harsh weather climates if the proper precautions are not taken in effect.

Two important factors come into play here:

1) First and foremost, you need to consider material quality. Standard grade Travertine products do not fare well due to the simple fact that they are not strong, dense pavers.  When water enters the paver, freezes, and thaws, a weak paver will easily crack and collapse. Premium Select is the highest grade material which is extremely dense, has few surface holes, and expands and contracts with ease.

2) Installation is also an extremely important factor to consider. Sand-set installation is the only recommended installation method in freeze/ thaw climates. A mortared deck does not allow Travertine to expand and contract with the cycles and will almost certainly cause cracking.

All of our Premium Select Travertinehas been tested by an independent 3rd party to withstand freeze/ thaw climates without cracks or deformation. We also have a 1-year Limited Warranty that includes Freeze/ Thaw damage.

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