Travertine Pavers

Important Things to Know Before Purchasing Travertine Pavers

6x12 Ivory Swirl Tumbled Travertine Pavers

1)  Make sure the Travertine Pavers are from Turkey.

2)  Before ordering, be sure to ask where the company is located. To get the best value for your purchase, it is crucial that they are located in Miami, FL. Miami is the hub for natural stone pavers arriving to the United States. If you order from another location, the prices will be higher because there will be added transportation costs and at least one middleman adding profits. Your best bet is to order directly from the importer in Miami, Florida.

3)  Make sure you have a Certified Travertine Paver Installer. Proper installation is extremely important. Improper installation will cost you time… and money.

4)  Make sure to install tumbled travertine pavers for pool decks and chiseled travertine pavers for driveways. Tumbled travertine has a rougher, textured finish and often has rounded corners for an antique look. It is the most appropriate flooring material for outdoors, especially pool decks and patios. Chiseled travertine has edges that are broken with a special machine to ensure a tight fit for the pavers, this way they can withstand the weight of an automobile. It is also important to install smaller sizes on driveways, such as the 6×12 paver.

5)  There are several main colors of travertine. Use “Ivory” (off-white color, beige color) if you are in a warmer climate. “Noche” or “Walnut” (Noche is one shade darker than Walnut) are other options used mostly in northern states.

6)  Make sure to ask for a sample of the actual material before you order.

7)  Make sure to seal your pavers if you are living in a colder climate, it will help protect your investment from stains, tire marks and cracking. It will also bring out the natural features of your stone.


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