Travertine Pavers

What is the difference between Standard Grade and Premium Select Travertine Pavers?

When you’re getting ready to make a major renovation to your outdoor living space, you want to know about all the different options available to you. This includes information about pricing and budget, space considerations and the benefits of using certain types of materials. One of the major questions that homeowners often ask when preparing to complete a DIY travertine installation is which type of pavers to use: Standard Grade or Premium Select?

First things first, all Travertine, whether it’s Standard or Premium Select, has pores, voids, and holes. It’s just the nature of the stone.

Both types of pavers will make a lovely addition to your newly revamped outdoor space, however depending on your circumstances, one grade of paver may be more appropriate than the other. The main difference between Standard Grade Travertine Pavers and Premium Select Travertine Pavers is the number of holes going all the way through the stone. All Travertine is very porous and will be filled with surface holes. However, Standard Grade pavers are more porous than Premium Select pavers, and often contain large holes going all the way through the stone. If desired, these holes can be filled with epoxy, sand or a combination of the two. Premium Select pavers have been hand-selected and are denser, having fewer holes.

In order to decide which type of travertine paver is best for your project, consider the advantages and features of each.

What are the benefits of Premium Select Pavers?
Premium Select Travertine Pavers offer the highest quality and aesthetic effect. They are more durable and hold up better than other types of pavers. They fact that they have fewer holes also makes them more impervious to staining, and easier to treat in the event a stain does occur.

The biggest benefit of Premium Select pavers, however, is their ability to withstand freeze-and-thaw cycles that affect colder climates. Freeze-and-thaw cycles occur every year when the weather becomes cold enough to freeze precipitation and other water sources. During this cycle, rain or snowfall wets the tiles and is absorbed by the pavers’ pores. When the water freezes, it creates pressure on the stone. When this occurs over and over, the stones may degrade over time and eventually crack. Premium Select Travertine Pavers, which do not contain as many large holes as Standard Grade does, are dense enough to withstand this cycle when they are properly installed.

What are the benefits of Standard Grade Pavers?
On the other hand, Standard Grade Travertine Pavers may be the perfect material for those who live in milder climates. Standard Grade is less expensive than Premium Select, making it ideal for those looking to save money during the course of their renovation project. These pavers are more absorbent, making them the perfect selection for poolside areas as the water-absorbing stones will help prevent slips and falls.

Due to their savings potential, Standard Grade Travertine Pavers are also excellent options for contractors and those who are looking to purchase pavers in bulk. The holes and pores can be filled in using epoxy or sand, making them just as attractive as the Premium Select Grade, especially when installed by a professional.

If you’re unsure which type of paver is best suited for your project, the friendly and knowledgeable representatives at Travertine Mart can help guide your decision. No matter which type of travertine paver you choose to complete your outdoor renovation project, the end result is sure to be lovely. These beautiful, natural stones will add a touch of earthy elegance to any outdoor setting!

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