Travertine Pool Coping

Pool ideas for next summer

Just because the summer’s almost over doesn’t mean you can’t start planning on how to make the next one ever better! For example, if you spent this summer constantly heading to the community pool, it may be time to think about calling a contractor, picking up some travertine pool pavers for swimming pool coping and installing your very own pool! Not only is a pool something that you and your whole family can enjoy summer after summer, it could also increase your home’s value if you ever plan on selling.

Unsure of what type of pool design you want? There are many different ways to incorporate a pool into your backyard so that it not only serves as a place for your family to cool off, but also as a beautiful design feature in your home.

Go tropical
According to Home Design Lover, some people want their pool to look as close to a natural lake as possible. One way to do this is to go with a tropical theme and plant some wildflowers and large, decorative rocks around your pool. Also, using natural stone pavers like travertine can add to this all-natural look.

Consider a lap pool
If you don’t have a particularly large backyard, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a pool. Lap pools are a great fit for any yard – and they’re not just for health nuts who like to swim laps every morning. Many of these pools also come with massaging jets so you can sit in them and relax.

Light it up
If you want to be able to enjoy your pool well into the night, you should consider adding some lights that will make it shine from the inside. This will not only make your pool feel romantic and inviting at night, it can also help make it safer. With lights in the pool, you will always be able to keep an eye on everything that is going on – something that is particularly important if you have a lot of kids and may lose track of them while they’re underwater.

Add a ladder
The Huffington Post recommended that you make sure to install a pool ladder to help people get in and out of it. Without them, you may find that your kids get a lot of scraped knees as they are quickly trying to climb in and out of the pool. You should also make sure that your kids have all of the proper safety equipment to help them swim, such as flotation devices or even small life jackets for really little kids who may have trouble even in the shallow end.

Call a professional
You always want to call an expert before embarking on a project to install a pool in your home. An in-ground pool is a serious undertaking, and you want to make sure that it’s in the hand of experts so you don’t end up destroying your yard.