Travertine Tile

Do you know the benefits of using neutral-colored travertine tile?

Neutral decor doesn’t sound like the most exciting choice when it comes to designing your home’s interior, but just because the word brings to mind bland shades like beige doesn’t mean that this color family is actually boring – especially when it comes to travertine tile.

Whether your style is traditional, modern, rustic or eclectic, the elegant neutral shades of travertine tile can fit into any decor. In fact, neutral shades have a variety of benefits. Do you know what they are?

As Behr points out, neutral hues are “independent of style and trend,” meaning they’re some of the most hardworking complementary colors out there. They can fit into any design scheme, whether it involves bold country patterns, woodsy materials, sophisticated details or sleek high-tech appliances.

You can use neutral travertine tiles to anchor a space that’s full of bold color, provide a soothing backdrop for intense furniture items or add warmth to an otherwise cool space.

Neutral colors can be paired together for a muted, welcoming look or used as a background for bolder colors like black, red, blue and yellow. When you have a versatile neutral-colored material like travertine in your home, you’ll never have a problem decorating a space to your liking.

While travertine tiles are definitely durable in the literal sense, they’re also durable in the figurative sense, meaning their neutral colors will always remain relevant in your decor. Even if your tastes change over the years and you feel the need to redecorate, chances are you’ll still be satisfied with your original choice of tile – after all, it goes with everything!

Whether you’re set in your decorating tastes or you’re the type of person who’s always looking to jump on new trends, the neutral shades of travertine – from ivory to gold to walnut – will always fit in.

Not everyone wants to live in the same place for years on end, which means you may eventually need to sell your home in the future. This can be hard to do if you customized your home to the point where it only  reflects your tastes – not anyone else’s.

If you want a better chance of enticing buyers in the future, neutral travertine tiles in the kitchen, bathroom, mudroom, home bar or laundry room are a safe choice. Because they’re so universal and complement so many styles, people will love the fact that they don’t have to do any serious remodeling when they view your home – it already looks great!

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