Travertine Tile

How To Maintain Your Travertine Tiles

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Congratulations! You have just bought and installed your travertine tiles and your outdoor deck or patio is looking great! You are slowly understanding and appreciating travertine tiles for their durability as well as their aesthetic appeal. Now you are going to want to make sure that your tiles can last as long as possible while looking as good as new. There are a few tips that we can lay out for you to ensure you can accomplish this.

One of the first steps you can take to ensure the longevity of your travertine tiles is to coat the tiles in a water-repellent sealer. This is not necessary for outdoor areas as travertine is porous enough to remove excess water but should be used if your tiles are indoors. This will not only help protect the tiles but also brings out the natural beauty of the tiles. This type of repellent will help keep your tiles clean from food stains as well as liquid stains such as wine spills.

Cleaning your travertine tiles is easy. Whether your tiles are in a high traffic area of your home or used on your deck or driveway, you can use some simple household products to clean your tiles. We do not recommend using harsh chemicals such as bleach as they can stain the tiles and also damage them. We recommend Oil Stain Remover from DuPont as it’s proven to clean up most stains as well as being safe enough to use multiple times on your tile.

For some of those hard to remove stains we recommend using a combination of the Oil Stain Remover as well as using a brush or high powered pressure washer. Stains such as oil from a car or tree sap or berry droppings can be more complicated to clean. The best way to battle those stains is to use the Oil Stain remover and brush it into the stain, letting it sit for about 2-5 minutes. Then go in with your pressure washer and blast away the stain once it has been lifted by the Oil Stain Remover. Try to start with the lowest amount of pressure at first and increase the pressure if necessary. Always remember to maintain your travertine tiles regularly in order to avoid stains from becoming permanent.

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