Travertine Tile

How to prep your home’s interior for winter

Whether you're excited about it or not, winter is on its way. And regardless of where you live, chances are you'll be spending more time indoors as the temperatures get colder. This means there may be a few tasks you should get done before the first frost sets in to ensure that your home is going to be a warm, welcoming environment for your family this season. From your travertine tiles to your ceilings, here are a few winterization jobs to add to your to-do list this fall.

Do a thorough cleaning
With your family spending more time indoors when the weather outside is frightful, you're going to want to be living in a clean, comfortable space. Even though it's fall, you should embark on a thorough spring-cleaning-like job to make sure your home is in good shape. Clear out your warm-weather clothes from the closets, shampoo the carpets, clean your travertine tile floors and give everything in your home a scrub. Dust, dirt and clutter can have damaging effects on the physical and mental health of your family members, so a clean space is a must.

Seal your travertine tiles
When it comes to the care of travertine tile, sealing is a big deal. Because the natural stone is porous, it's easy for liquids to penetrate the surface and stay there if spills aren't wiped up quickly, which could cause staining. However, it's easy to keep your travertine tile looking like new with a yearly sealing. Before winter sets in and your family is around the house more often (and before the busy holiday season), you should take the time to seal your tiles to ensure that stains won't be a problem this winter. It's easy to get the job done yourself in a weekend, but you could also hire a professional for help.

Check your home for air leaks
To keep your family warm this season, be sure to take a walk around your house to look for areas where cold air might be seeping in and warm air might be escaping. Check around doors and windows for cracks that can be caulked, and TLC recommended looking around electrical outlets, pipes and vents, too. Doing so can not only ensure that your family stays comfortable, but it can improve your heating efficiency, therefore reducing your energy bills and your carbon footprint.

Service your chimney and furnace
Along the same vein as checking your home for leaks, you're going to want to have your chimney and furnace serviced to ensure that they're working safely and efficiently. Clogged chimneys can cause damage to the structure of your home and increase the risk of a fire, so have a professional clean your chimney and make sure a cap is installed to keep debris and animals out. He or she should also ensure that everything is working properly – especially if you plan to use your fireplace this winter. Someone should also come to check your furnace to ensure that it's getting the job done and take care of any repairs.

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