Travertine Tile

Keep summer alive all winter long with the right decor

If you love the summer, it may be hard for you to believe that fall has already arrived. However, if you have classic neutral stones in your home, like travertine tile, you can keep the summer alive all winter long by bringing in warm weather-themed decor, since these tiles go perfectly with everything! Of course, you don't want to have seashells all over your home during winter, so you should look for subtler ways to incorporate summertime accessories when the weather turns cold. 

For example, HGTV recommended going with a nautical theme, which can look great no matter what time of year it is. Consider framing a large antique map – like the kind that an old-time sailor would use – and displaying it in your living room. Another way to keep the summer feeling in your home is to bring outdoor elements inside. For instance, replace your dining room chairs with wicker ones that you may normally keep on your patio – as long as they're in good condition. 

SheKnows stated that another way to keep summer alive all season long is to pair your bright summertime colors with warm tones for the fall. One example the news source gave was to combine colors like coral and navy. Also, you should look for items that can transcend seasons. For example, driftwood is something that may make people think of summer, but has a worn, antique look that's perfect for the winter as well. 

Finally, SheKnows added that neutrals are always in style, and if you have a lot of prominent design features in your home that are in neutral colors, you can feature them during any season. This is another great reason to look into travertine tiles for your kitchen and bathroom! 

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