How to Install Travertine Pavers On Concrete

Travertine pavers can be laid mud-set (wet-set) on top of an existing concrete surface just like other paver or tile products.

Before starting the installation, it is suggested to remove the pavers from the crates and begin to arrange them in place. As travertine is a natural stone, we also suggest blending materials from the different pallets in order to achieve a smooth color transition from pallet to pallet.

  1. Begin by preparing the surface where you will install the travertine pavers. Any existing material must be removed and the surface must be completely clear of old adhesive residue. Any large cracks on the concrete should be fixed or patched.
  2. Apply FlexBond (or similar) on the subfloor. Then, with a ½” notch trowel, spread Flexbond or mortar mix underneath (the tile) to secure. We recommend using a sanded mortar mix and, for better adhesion add another layer of thin-set FlexBond to secure the Pavers or Tiles.
  3. Place the travertine pavers directly on the grout. Secure by gently tapping with a mallet.
  4. Allow the travertine pavers sufficient time to dry.
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