How to Install Travertine Pavers On Sand

We highly recommend dry-setting (on sand) Travertine Pavers for all projects.

How to Install Travertine Tile

Just like other types of tiles and natural stone, travertine tile can be laid mud-set (thin-set) on top of an existing concrete surface.

How to Install Travertine Pavers On Concrete

Travertine pavers can be laid mud-set (wet-set) on top of an existing concrete surface just like other paver or tile products.

Installing Travertine Pavers in Cold Weather Climates

Travertine is an extremely porous stone that needs room to expand and contract with the cycles.

Using Grout between Travertine Pavers

Grout lines for Travertine Pavers? Not suggested. Use this advice instead.

How to install Travertine Pavers on a Driveway

6×12 Travertine Pavers are the ideal paving material for a driveway.

Using Polymeric Sand with Travertine Pavers

Polymeric sand is the newest hardening agent to be used between joints and voids. Here is guide on how you can use polymeric sand with travertine pavers.

How to install Travertine Pool Coping

The size of Travertine Pool Coping that you choose should depend upon the shape of your pool.

How to install Travertine around a Salt Water pool

There are very important factors to keep in mind.

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