Shipping & Returns

Liftgate Service

Liftgate service is a curb side delivery method usually used for LTL (Less-than-Truckload) shipments. Liftgate service may be provided, based on your location, for up to 20,000 lbs weights. That is the equivalent of approximately 1300 sqft of travertine pavers or pool coping in the 1.25″ thickness.

During an LTL delivery, the driver will use a pallet jack to move the pallets on top of the lift in the back of the truck. Once the pallet is on the lift, he will slowly lower it to ground level. From there he will leave the pallet or crate by your curbside. While pushing the pallets and crates the delivery person may use somebody’s help in order to get the momentum going. We suggest being available during the delivery and even having one more person (your contractor) to help as the pallets may be as heavy as 3000 lbs each.

Delivery companies usually will not back up on your driveway due to liability reasons. It is always possible that the weight of the truck can break pavers or concrete on your driveway.


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