How to Install Travertine Pavers On Sand

  • Start by compacting the soil and make sure that the moisture content of the soil is right. Soil that is too damp or too dry may not compact properly.
  • Establish a border around the edges of the project area using a soldier-course pattern with 6×12 Travertine Pavers. Travertine Mart highly recommends securing the border with FlexBond (or similar) – especially in cold weather climates – as it allows the Travertine to safely expand and contract with the freeze/thaw cycle. Dry set is the most suitable cold climate travertine installation and freeze thaw travertine installation.
  • Travertine Pavers can be dry set (as indicated in the chart below) allowing for an easy installation and easy repairs should they be necessary in the future.
  • After you establish a compacted soil sub-base, place 6” – 8” of crushed limestone (or CA6) on top and compact in layers as you go. We highly recommend using crushed limestone, as the sharp edges allow it to fit snugly together. Limestone will also create a solid base which will keep the travertine in place over time (without shifting) and allow for proper drainage. Add the limestone in 2 -3 layers. After you lever each layer, compact the limestone with a compactor. Finish with ½” Sand. You can then begin laying the Travertine Pavers. Note: if there is a drainage problem on the site the project is being built on, a geotextile can be incorporated on top of the compacted soil.
  • Travertine Pavers can be cut using the same blades and tools that are used to cut brick pavers or other natural stones. Any diamond blade should be sufficient.
  • Once everything is in place, polymeric sand can be swept into the joints of the Travertine Pavers. Another option is to use grout or just leave them as is, using nothing at all.
  • NOTE: Travertine Pavers can also be mud-set on top of an existing concrete surface. If mud-setting the pavers in Northern states, a flexible mortar product (FlexBond or similar) should be used to prevent cracking during the freeze-thaw cycle.

Travertine Mart highly recommends dry-set (on sand) travertine paver installation for all projects using Travertine Pavers. Travertine Pavers are easier to install than most other paving materials because they can be installed dry-set. They are easily laid and, if necessary, easily replaced.

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