Shipping & Returns

Travertine Breakage

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Travertine could have some breakage. After all, it goes on a journey across the world. A maximum breakage of 4% is normal with travertine products.

If you notice excessive visible damage to the travertine upon delivery, it most likely happened during transit as we do not ship damaged crates or pallets. In that case, immediately take pictures of the products and make sure to note it on the delivery paperwork of the freight company. The next step is to file a claim with the transportation company. Ask the delivery person to explain to you the process and how you can file the claim. Travertine Mart will help you file the damage claim by providing support and additional documentation, however it is your responsibility to file the claim as soon as possible with the freight company. Accidents while unloading with a lift gate also fall into this same category.

In the mean time, if you are in need of more materials to finish your project, Travertine Mart will work with you and provide discounted products for replacement while you are waiting for your claim check.



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