Premium Select 6×12 Ivory Tumbled Travertine Pool Coping (300px)

Premium Select 6×12 Ivory Tumbled Travertine Pool Coping


Our PREMIUM SELECT 6x12 Ivory Tumbled Travertine Pool Coping is the lightest color we offer. Best described as Off-White, Beige or Tan in color. Although some variation in color is to be expected, it is overall very consistent throughout. 1.25" thick. Recommended Use: Pool Edging / Stair Treads

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We send color samples for all sample orders, we are unable to send actual sizes.

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs

Technical Specifications

  • Water Absorption: .77%
  • Bulk Specific Gravity: 2.5
  • Co-Efficient of Friction: avg dry .60 | avg wet .66
  • Freeze-Thaw Cycle: Pass
  What does that mean for me? This material will have minimal holes and tiny pores allowing water to absorb quickly. It is perfect for a pool deck as it is not slippery when wet. Premium Select Grade – very dense. No signs of cracking or deformation during a freeze/thaw cycle. **All materials are ASTM Tested (American Society Testing Materials) at an independent lab.**


Premium Select 6×12 Ivory Tumbled Travertine Pool Coping

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