Travertine Installation

Three places travertine tiles would look great in your home

When it comes to creating an enjoyable and comfortable home for you and your family, acquiring the best materials can be key. While furniture, wall colors and decorative accents are sure to play important roles in generating the overall look and feel of your home, natural elements like hardwood, bamboo and stone often make the most dramatic impact.

If you’re searching for an attractive and memorable material to use throughout your humble abode, look no further than travertine tiles. Offering beautiful colors and a warm aesthetic, these limestone tiles are sure to boost the design of your interiors. Not sure where to begin with this home project? Here are three places travertine tiles will fit perfectly in your home.

Kitchen floors

With all the food stored and meals made in a  kitchen, you’ll likely need a flooring material that can stand up to just about anything. Luckily, travertine tiles are durable attractive, and can help you create a space that will look beautiful for years to come. You can install these tiles to specifically fit any kitchen size or shape with ease. If you’re looking to create a dynamic effect sure to wow your guests, consider using two different yet compatible tile designs to distinguish between separate areas of the room. For instance, longer plank travertine tiles can match nicely with standard square cuts.

Master bathrooms

If you have to choose one bathroom in your home to lay exquisite travertine tiles, make it your master bathroom. Not only are these limestone tiles perfect for creating a luxurious floor design, but they can also be used to boost the aesthetic of your bathtub and shower area. Travertine installation can line the outside of a raised tub to make it seem like the area is rising out of the tile floor. For the shower, the walls and floor can be decorated in one style of travertine, with smaller, multi-colored tiles blended to create a unique pattern.

Backyard patios

The great thing about travertine tiles is that they can be used effectively indoors as well as outside, so consider your backyard as prime tiling ground. If you don’t have one already, a flat patch of earth can easily be transformed into a cozy patio with the help of these stone tiles. Not only will this provide your backyard hangouts with a sophisticated spot to kick back, but you can also rest assured that any barbecue food spills or acts of nature won’t blemish the material.

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