Design Ideas, Travertine Installation

Transform your travertine pool area into a neighborhood party spot

When the sun is shining, the temperatures are warm and you’ve got plenty of free time, there’s no better way to spend a spring or summer weekend than relaxing by the pool. While your backyard swimming hole might be perfect for inviting a few friends over, you may want to consider upgrading the area to become a party hotspot for your friends, family and neighbors.

Here are some tips for getting started.

Invest in nighttime lighting

Most pool parties tend to occur when the sun is high in the sky, allowing people to enjoy the beautiful weather and work on their tans. However, warm summer evenings can also be ideal for taking a refreshing swim

This is where creative lighting fixtures come into play.

A great way to provide after-hours illumination with an aquatic theme is by installing glowing pool lights. These waterproof fixtures can be placed directly in your swimming pool for an atmospheric touch, often coming with the ability to shift between various colors.

Coordinate eye-catching tiling

One must-have feature for your pool area are travertine pavers. These stylish stone tiles are great for creating a warm and inviting aesthetic around your swimming pool while also being durable enough to resist the elements.

Even better, travertine installation is an investment that will keep your home’s exterior fashionable for years to come.

Build a bar area

The only thing better than relaxing by the pool is doing so with a cold drink nearby. To keep the refreshments close at hand during your summer pool parties, a bar area may be in order.

Whether you opt for a basic wooden gazebo with a mini-fridge or a more elaborate poolside shack with an entertainment system, grilling capabilities and plenty of bar stools, this concept is sure to be a hit with your guests. Just make sure to keep the area stocked with bottles of water, soda, beer and other summertime beverages.

Install an outdoor lounge

Despite the fact that it’s called a pool party, not everyone who shows up is likely to jump in the water. To provide a place for these shy swimmers to relax while everyone else is splashing around, consider setting up an outdoor lounge area.

All you need is a few outdoor lounge chairs, an overhang, sofas and tables for your guests to kick back and relax in the shade during your backyard event.

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