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4 reasons why travertine pavers are perfect for a beach house backyard

If you’re lucky enough to own a beach house, chances are you like taking full advantage of it whenever possible. If that’s the case, you might have gone to great lengths to make it comfortable for your family and attractive for guests who come to visit. Your indoor decor might be all set, but have you considered the outside of your beach home?

If you don’t already have a great backyard space where you can enjoy your view and take in the warm weather near the shore, it’s probably time to consider building an entertainment space, and travertine pavers are the perfect material to get the job done. Here are four reasons why these natural stone pavers are ideal for a beach house backyard.

1. You’ll have more room for entertaining
With a beach house at your disposal, you might have family and friends who are eager to come visit. Even if your house is equipped with a guest bedroom or two, you can never have too much room for entertaining.

By building a patio with backyard pavers, you can create a space where plenty of people can be entertained. Whether you want a fire pit, an outdoor kitchen or an outdoor living room, travertine can make the space both functional and attractive.

2. You can stay outside for longer
When you’re at the beach, no one wants to stay inside for long – unless it’s raining, of course. But on balmy summer days and nights, you and your family and friends will likely want to stay outside enjoying the weather for as long as possible.

With a gorgeous backyard patio design, it’ll be easy for you to stay out as long as you want lounging on the deck and getting a great view of the ocean when you’re not actually at the beach. A fire pit feature can make the party last even longer into the night.

3. The pavers won’t burn your feet
It gets hot near the beach, but travertine pavers won’t soak up the sunlight and get scorching hot like some other stone products. They absorb the coolness of the earth beneath them, meaning you’ll never have to worry about going barefoot and burning your soles when you’re enjoying your patio!

4. There’s no slipping and sliding
Many beach homes have outdoor showers for rinsing off the salt and sand from the beach. With tumbled travertine pavers near the area, you and your visitors won’t have to worry about slipping or sliding around after showering, as they provide plenty of grip.

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