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Five important safety features for your pool design

As spring and summer begin kicking into gear, chances are you can’t wait to get outside and soak in the seasons’ beautiful weather. If you’re looking for a way to boost your outdoor fun, installing a new in-ground pool with travertine pavers patio in your backyard can transform your home into the place to be for summer.

While pools are generally enjoyable and safe for children and adults to use, they do pose some hazards that you should keep in mind. After all, you don’t want an accident or injury to put a damper on your aquatic fun.

Here are five safety features that you should consider when designing your pool area.

A sturdy fence
Unlike an above-ground pool, in-ground pools are essentially giant, watery holes in the ground. Because of this, it’s important to have a sturdy fence surrounding the area to prevent unwary neighborhood children from wandering through your yard and falling in the pool.

Ideally, this safety fence should be tall enough to prevent any rambunctious kids from hopping over and using the pool anyway. Whether you decide on wood, iron or chain-link construction, a fence that is about 4 feet high will keep the area safe.

Gate that automatically closes
There’s always the chance that a pool accident will occur during the few minutes you have your back turned or you head indoors. To stop any children from entering the pool area during these brief moments, consider purchasing a gate that automatically closes.

This product will allow you to enter and exit your pool without constantly needing to secure the entrance. Many models also feature devices that instantly lock or become secure for added peace of mind.

Warning sign
Let’s face it – some people just can’t take a hint. As an additional measure of caution to your fence and automatic gate, sometimes hanging up a sign that says “Exercise Caution” or even “Private Property” can be just the thing to deter curious kids from poking around.

While you’re at it, you may also want to consider hanging up a sign or two in the pool area that list rules and safety procedures. These can inform users not to run, to avoid pushing and which ends are the shallow areas of the pool.

Nighttime lights
Not all accidents will necessarily occur when you’re not paying attention. For those nighttime pool sessions when it’s particularly dark outside, it’s vital that you have plenty of bright lighting to illuminate the area.

Not only will fixtures, such as pool light and flood lights, help avoid anyone from accidentally falling in and hurting themselves, but it can also prevent accidents that may occur due to poor visibility while swimming.

Safety net
Whether it’s backyard critters or the kids who live down the block, the main idea behind pool safety is to prevent anyone from accidentally stumbling into the water and hurting themselves. For an added safety precaution when the pool is not in use, a sturdy net covering can keep the area secure.

This device can be pulled out while you’re away on vacation or out of town to ensure nothing winds up floating in the water when you get back. This is particularly useful for keeping small animals, like rabbits, mice and frogs, from diving in.

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