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Spring is here, transform your patio

Winter’s officially over, and it’s time to start thinking about those patio pavers again. After all that snow, you might want to spruce things up before your first backyard barbeque.

Choosing the right tile
Using travertine tiles will make it easy for you to be your own patio designer. Choose from either tumbled or non-tumbled pavers, both of which withstand the elements while adding a certain aesthetic touch to outdoor decor.

For a patio space, tumbled pavers are often preferred. With their porous surfaces and rustic appearance, they offer a softer look and feel to your patio.

If you have a pool area, tumbled pavers are your best bet. Their textured quality absorbs water and gets less slippery. Even without a pool, this is a perk when spring and summer rains hit. If you have a family, these pavers keep your patio area safe.

Honed and polished pavers bring a less worn-in look to your patio. Because of their super-smooth surfaces, these are typically great for driveways. If you’re looking for a more contemporary look, though, these non-tumbled pavers may do the trick.

A versatile material
Whichever you choose, the overall quality of travertine will not disappoint. The stone is found near warm or hot springs in Turkey. Travertine can be used for anything from kitchen counter-tops to a bathtub.

It is no surprise that travertine pavers, especially when tumbled, have an almost antique quality to them. This stone was actually used as a building material in ancient times. With about 1.25 inches of thickness, the pavers have a durability that matches their good looks.

Though you can specify different colors and styles of travertine pavers in designing your patio, there is a natural variation between the stones. This may make it impossible to have a completely uniform surface, color-wise, but it is in this variation that the pavers really elevate the look of your patio.

Laying down the stonework
Before laying down the travertine pavers, make sure to talk to a licensed installer of the stones. Techniques for getting them in place vary based on your geography.

Travertine stones are easier than others to install because they can be done dry-set. In other words, they don’t need to be installed over an existing concrete surface.

Whether remodeling your pool deck, your patio or simply a walkway, travertine is effective in revitalizing your outdoor living space. With that long-awaited warm weather on the horizon, now is the time to make these changes.

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