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Get your pool patio ready for summer soirees with travertine

Summer is the season for outdoor entertaining. Before you have your first bash this year, you might want to make your pool patio especially elegant. Travertine pavers and tiles can be used to embellish every corner of a pool area.

Install a pool bar
If you want to be known for your outdoor entertaining, you can’t go wrong with a fully stocked bar on the pool premises.

For pool patios made from natural stone pavers, it’s important to pick a blend of travertine tiles for the bar that won’t clash with the surrounding stonework. If the pavers around your pool are ivory, you might want to use white tiles on the bar. Many blends incorporate a wide range of colors, so meshing two different varieties well isn’t difficult.

Use the travertine tiles to reface the vertical front of the bar and its horizontal counter space. Travertine is resistant to water, so it’ll withstand the elements as well as any spilled cocktails.

Extend your patio
If you only have enough room for a few deck chairs along the sides of the pool, you may want to widen the space for the upcoming season. By installing an extended patio with travertine pavers, your guests will have plenty of room to spread out and socialize.

Asymmetry is in these days. Design You Trust, an interior design website, notes that the intentional use of asymmetry in the home and yard is an interesting and trendy concept. Implement this style with your patio’s design. Rather than covering the same size area on all sides of your pool, you could make one end have only a few feet of travertine and the other be exponentially larger.

This will make your pool chic and keep all your guests together in one general area. Plus, this extensive patio space will make a great dance floor.

Use travertine pool coping
People love dipping their toes in the pool, especially on hot summer nights. Instead of classic coping, you may want to incorporate a travertine spa spillover to really entice your guests.

House Trends, a home design source, describes how a spa spillover gives a pool area a contemporary look. As hot water runs through openings in the coping into your pool, guests won’t be able to resist slipping off their shoes and letting the water cascade over their feet.

Once you have your travertine-based patio set up – bar, mingling space and pool coping included – your home will be a hit.

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