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How to blend your pool with the outdoors

Summer months mean outdoor swim time. As soon as warm temperatures hit, you’ll likely want your backyard pool to be in perfect shape.

One way to make a pool area have a pleasing aesthetic is to blend it into the surrounding landscape. By accenting the natural elements surrounding your swimming area, you can make it the talk of the neighborhood.

Natural stonework revitalizes a pool patio
The first place you may want to make changes is in the patio. If the worn-down cement surface currently surrounding your pool looks a little lackluster to you, you might consider replacing it with natural stonework.

Houzz shows how lining the foundation around the pool with stone has a rustic yet pleasing effect on the patio area. The brown and gray pavers beautifully neutralize the bright aquamarine color of the water.

Travertine natural stone pavers offer this elevated look to a patio. If you’re looking to brighten your pool area, you might choose a white blend of the stone. If you would prefer to add deeper color to the space, you could line the area with reddish-brown or gray travertine pavers.

Additionally, the pool coping around your pool can be done with the same stone material so your patio area is cohesive. With natural stone as your patio medium, it will blend into the surrounding landscape.

Focus on the landscape around your pool
Once you’ve updated your pool patio, highlight the natural aspects around it. Elle Decor Magazine shows how this makes the swimming area a real part of the natural landscape.

The source showcases a pool that has essentially no patio past the stone pool coping. Instead, the bright green lawn surrounding the pool acts as the pool deck. As soon as you climb out of the water, you can lie back in soft grass and feel one with nature.

You can also elevate the landscape surrounding your pool by putting palm trees and beach grass along the patio space. Try to find brightly colored flowers to plant in the area as well.

To make your pool area nature-inspired, you can even install a miniature waterfall or a bubbling fountain on the patio. Coupled with the exotic plant life, this will make your pool look like a lagoon.

At night, you might consider using candles or torches to light the pool area rather than bright outdoor lighting. This can further contribute to the natural feeling of the swimming space.

By basing design changes on nature, your pool will blend beautifully into the great outdoors.

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