Travertine Pavers, Travertine Pool Coping

Have you gone over a backyard safety checklist yet?

For most kids, summertime presents the ideal opportunity to spend hours outdoors playing and taking advantage of mild weather. To keep them safe and within sight, you may limit your children and their friends to the backyard – but how safe is this area?

If you haven’t gone over a safety checklist for your backyard, your kids may be more prone to accidents. Here are a few things to take care of before you let your little ones roam.

Is the pool area safe?
Fences and gates are usually required around pools to keep unsupervised youngsters out, but there are other aspects of a pool area that could make it unsafe for little ones, even if you are around. For example, slippery surfaces around the pool are a problem – especially since kids tend to run and jump. Slippery edges could also be an issue when your kids jump in.

To solve both issues, the right travertine pavers and travertine pool coping should be part of your backyard patio plan. These natural stone pavers are porous, so they absorb water that could pose a hazard. They’ve also got plenty of grip, so kids won’t have to worry as much about falling around the pool.

Is the swing set in good shape?
If you have a swing set or another type of play structure in your yard, you need to inspect it on a regular basis to ensure that there are no dangers. For example, check to make sure the swings are fully attached, that all parts are securely fastened and that there are no sharp splinters or edges that could cause injury.

You should also ensure that the ground beneath the play area is soft enough to cushion a fall. Rubber mats, sand or other springy surfaces are ideal.

Are your tools put away?
Garden tools and other lawn care maintenance items should be put away properly after you use them. Lawn mowers, shears, rakes and other sharp objects could be dangerous to kids who might think they’re toys.

Other gardening products, like fertilizer, weed killer and pesticides, should also be kept in a secure place where kids can’t get to them.

Are the sidewalks and pathways clear and intact?
If your backyard has garden paths or walkways, you need to be sure that these are not only clear of toys, but free of cracks and other signs of physical damage that could cause tripping.

Whether it’s the path leading to your shed or a few stepping stones in the garden that are problematic, it may be time to replace the old material with travertine pavers, which are very durable and resistant to damage.

Is the garden okay?
Some plants are poisonous if ingested, and kids may not know better than to sample a few of the wares in the garden – especially if you also grow fruits or vegetables. Check to see whether any of your flowers or shrubs are poisonous, and remove them if you think they could pose a threat to your children.

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