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How to use travertine pavers to modernize your pool area

When you think of travertine pavers, you may picture delightfully worn-in pieces that give a space an antique quality. Though several of the stonework’s blends look vintage, you can find a pattern and color that matches your modern style. If you want to extend your modern flair to your pool patio, do it by using natural stone pavers and other outdoor design techniques.

Choose the right color
To make your pool patio look new rather than old, your color choice is key. Black and white color schemes are characteristic of modern design, so why not bring this palette to your pool area?

Instead of a red or brown blend, choose an ivory or pearl hue for your pool patio. Similar to the all-white interiors of many modern homes, these pavers will give your pool a sleek, minimalist appearance.

Freshome recently showcased a modern outdoor pool with ivory pavers. The only two hues in the pool area were the bright turquoise of the water and the stark white of its surrounding stonework. Even the lounge chairs, umbrella and votive candles lining the pool were all white.

Give your pool a distinct shape
Whether you’re starting from scratch or you’re just redoing the pool coping, make the edge of the pool reflect your modern preference.

Another pool Freshome featured was one with large, angular stone pool coping. The pool itself was distinctly above ground, so the coping seemed to suspend in mid-air. One of the edges of the pool was a vertical wall equipped with three spouts that let water fall into the rest of the pool.

Luckily, travertine pool coping can perfectly match the rest of your patio. Again, choose ivory pavers and make sharp 90-degree angles for each corner of your pool. Similar to Freshome’s display, you can create a spa spillover through your coping so warm water from an adjacent hot tub can fall into the pool.

Consider an infinity edge pool
If you really want to make your swimming area sleek, nothing spells out modern quite like a pool without an edge. Instead of coping your entire pool with travertine, you might want to consider leaving one side open with an infinity edge pool.

Minimalisti, an interior design website, showcased a pool with this design. The water seemed to fall right over the edge of the pool, giving the swimming area a new-age look. This kind of pool is an investment, but alongside travertine pavers, it’ll make your patio look modernly chic.

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