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How to beat the heat in your backyard this summer

In many parts of the country, this summer’s turned out to be an absolute scorcher. With temperatures soaring over 90 degrees Fahrenheit, it can be tough to stay cool when you’re not in the air-conditioned interior of your home.

Whether you’re doing yard work outside, playing with the kids in the backyard or hosting a summer barbecue, you’ll need a few ways to beat the heat this season. With some new travertine pavers and a few other helpful tips, you’ll be on your way to feeling more comfortable in no time!

Hire a professional for travertine installation

Whether it’s your patio or pool area that needs to be redone, travertine pavers or travertine pool coping is your best bet for combating hot temperatures. Unlike other materials, travertine doesn’t soak up the heat from the sun, meaning it stays cool under your feet and doesn’t radiate heat waves!

While a DIY travertine installation is certainly doable, hiring a professional to install your natural stone pavers will give you a chance to relax while someone else does the work!

Don’t overexert yourself

When it’s really hot outside, it’s not a good idea to take on any strenuous tasks that require a lot of physical effort. It’s hard enough pulling weeds in your garden or working out when it’s warm out, but the hot temperatures can exacerbate any situation and put your health at risk, too! Take it easy until the heat wave passes.

Drink plenty of water

To keep yourself cool, comfortable and safe while you’re out in your backyard this summer, it’s essential to have plenty of cold water on hand. Bring a water bottle with lots of ice with you wherever you go, and be sure to put out a cooler or two of H2O for family and friends when you’re holding a summer soiree at your house.

Dress appropriately

As the HLN TV network points out, it’s important to dress for the weather when temperatures are skyrocketing. Forget about dark clothing, thick fabrics and full-coverage pants and tops – the heat calls for lightweight clothing in light colors that will reflect heat, not absorb it.

You should also try to choose clothes that fit loosely on your body, as tighter garments can trap heat against your skin and make you sweat.

Take a dip – or set up the sprinkler

Whether you have an in-ground pool, above-ground pool, kiddie pool or sprinkler, it might be fun and refreshing to cool off in the water when nothing else seems to be making you more comfortable. Just be sure to cover all of your exposed skin with sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun!

Don’t look at how hot it is

A study presented in the European Journal of Applied Physiology found that bicyclists performed better in hot temperatures when they weren’t aware of how hot it actually was. So, you might think it feels a lot hotter after looking at a thermometer than you would if you had just stepped outside in the first place!

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