DIY, Travertine Pavers

How to choose the right color for your patio pavers

Deciding that you want to update your patio with travertine pavers is the easy part. Now that you know that you’ll be using this durable, attractive material to enhance your backyard, you’ll need to focus more on the finer details, like which color you’re going to choose!

There are plenty of patio design ideas out there, which might make it easier to make your color choice. For example, if you know you want a checkerboard pattern for your patio, you’ll likely need two different paver colors: one that’s dark and one that’s light.

But you can also choose which shade is right for your backyard space by asking yourself what you want to feel when you’re out there and what kinds of plants and flowers will be nearby.

Choose a color based on mood

Have you ever noticed how certain colors evoke specific feelings? Take blue, for example: Does it make you feel calm? Sad? Does red give you energy, or does it make you feel kind of unsettled?

According to Freshome, the colors that please you most are largely based on how you feel when you see them. If you like the color yellow, it’s probably because you feel cheerful when you’re surrounded by it. If purple is your thing, maybe it’s because you’re a creative individual.

That means that your favorite colors are likely a good place to start when you’re choosing the color of your travertine pavers. If your heart is set on blue or purple, a cool shade like Ivory pavers would be just the thing. If orange, red and yellow speak to you, Walnut or Autumn Blend pavers would be a logical choice.

The bottom line is to choose colors that will make you feel comfortable when you’re spending time on your backyard patio – that’s the point of a patio, after all!

Choose a shade based on the surrounding landscape

If you’re an avid gardener, chances are you have a wide selection of gorgeous plants and flowers thriving in your backyard space. Luckily, taking color cues from these landscape elements is easy – as long as you know a bit about complementary colors!

Apartment Therapy points out that complementary colors are those that sit opposite each other on the color wheel. The three traditional complementary pairs are red and green, yellow and purple, and orange and blue.

So, if you have plenty of purple flowers near your paver patio designs, a yellowish travertine paver like Gold would help offset the vibrant blossoms. If all you have in your backyard is a thick carpet of green grass, a reddish color like Noche is perfect!

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