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Important aesthetic considerations when selecting outdoor travertine pavers

As winter transitions to spring, and spring into summer, chances are you’ll be thinking long and hard about how to get your home ready for the warm temperatures, sunshine and outdoor fun that characterize this seasonal shift. If you don’t have one already, designing a comfortable and relaxing backyard patio using travertine pavers is a great way to make your home ground zero for summertime fun.

While much of your backyard’s aesthetic is likely determined by natural elements, such as your garden, lawn and trees, the patio plays a large part in creating an inviting outdoor space. To make sure your travertine installation is the envy of all your neighbors, consider some of the following home design tips for your patio.

Complement your exterior decor

Travertine pavers are natural stones that feature a combination of orange, light brown, red and yellow to create their signature warm, earthy tones. Because of this specific range of color options, you want to make sure the tiles you pick best match your home’s exterior decor.

Yellowish shades may be ideal for enhancing a home inspired by a Tuscan villa of Northern Italy, while a dark red hue may match a traditional American house that features plenty of exposed brick. Keeping these influences in mind can be a great way to select travertine installation that doesn’t clash with your existing design.

Consider your outdoor furniture

Next in your list of design considerations for a travertine patio is your outdoor furniture. Much like the appeal of your home’s exterior, the look and feel of any patio or backyard furnishings can dictate what kind of environment you can effectively create.

If you have plenty of dark metal or iron chairs, tables and stools in your backyard, you may want to pick travertine pavers that work with a rustic Spanish or Southwestern scheme. Worn wooden furniture can be great for creating a Mediterranean or coastal American appeal.

Incorporate natural elements

Any good backyard patio is going to work best when it is flanked by natural elements, so keep that in mind when designing yours. Depending on the layout of your yard, you should leave plenty of room for the travertine installation without sacrificing large portions of your lawn.

You may also want to incorporate any elements from a nearby garden or patch of trees into your patio design. Positioning this area so that colorful flowers and shady trees add to the comfortable appeal is sure to make your home a desirable hangout.

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