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How to install travertine pavers without professional help

Before your first backyard bash this summer, why not spruce up your patio with natural stone pavers? These pieces look so good on their own, you won’t even need to hire out a professional to accomplish fantastic outdoor design.

First, choose the right paver

Travertine pavers come in a multitude of colors and styles. So, what’s your preference?

If you want your entertainment space to have a clean, bright look, you may want to choose a hue that’s lighter on the color spectrum. Ivory travertine pavers, whether under the sunshine or moonlight, will make your patio glow.

Maybe you prefer a more intimate setting for hosting. Houzz recently highlighted how to choose a reddish brown blend to warm up the look of a patio.

To further instill this coziness, make sure the pavers are tumbled. These pieces have an old-style, worn-in look to them, as opposed to the polished quality of honed pavers.

You can also choose the layout of these pavers. Want your guests to really ooh and aah at your outdoor design? Instead of lining up identically-sized pavers in rows, lay down small and large pieces in a unique pattern. Lucky for you, DIY travertine installation isn’t tricky. With a little bit of hard work, you can tell your friends that you put the pavers down all on your own.

Next, accent the space

Once you have your pavers in place, you’ll want to complement them with just the right outdoor decor. 

Decoist, an architecture and design site, shows you how you can use landscaping to really enhance the area. For a really different look, you can install the pavers right into the lawn in a chess-board design of grass and stone squares.

In a more traditional vein, you might simply add a few potted plants to the space. Let vines crawl over any stone walls around the patio. Greenery matched with travertine will enliven the patio space and impress your guests.

You also want to find the right lighting, especially if you’re planning on throwing any night-time soirees. Find some dainty white string lights to line the area. You can also scatter a few classic lanterns around the space.

For an intimate feel, you might choose natural light sources over artificial fixtures. Install a fire pit. Incorporate lines of candles and tiki torches. Let the glow from these flickering flames bounce across the patio surface and delight your guests.

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