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Make your pool patio vintage-chic with travertine pavers

Do you love antique style when it comes to decorating your home? Don’t leave your swimming pool out when implementing this vintage design! With travertine natural stone pavers, you can create a stylish pool deck reminiscent of the past.

Choose a warm color palette
If you prefer the old-time look over that new-age sleekness, using warm colors for your pool deck is key.

White stonework may have a clean, bright quality to it, but it isn’t always effective in making a space look vintage. Instead, you might want to try an autumn-inspired blend. Just like in a cozy dining nook or an old-fashioned kitchen, this combination of brown and red shades will make your pool area seem worn-in, but in a good way.

When you’re going for vintage design, imagine your pool area as an ancient Roman bath. This is actually appropriate for travertine users, as the stonework was used during ancient times to build aqueducts.

In this spirit, HGTV showcased how to combine different blends of the stone and make patterns with the contrasting colors.

When laying down the travertine pavers, install large gray stones in big squares, bordered by lines of red pieces. If you feel your inner artist coming out in the process, get elaborate with your installation. Like an ancient mosaic, make a pattern with different sized pavers of multiple colors and shades, creating a decadent surface through your travertine installation.

Implement classic-style pool coping
How about the edge of your pool? This part of the patio can be designed using old-school techniques, too. You can either go with traditional coping – simply installing a border of travertine pavers around the edge of the pool – or you can get fancy.

Remember, we’re thinking ancient Rome here. The denizens of that city relished in decadent baths, and so should you.

Houzz demonstrated how you can implement falling water through your coping. Water rushed over the edge of the pool from the adjacent spa, reminiscent of the fountains of ancient times. Lucky for you, a travertine spa spillover can help you achieve this decadent, antique falling water feature in your own swimming area.

Add the finishing touches
To go along with your travertine pavers, throw in a few pieces of decor to make your pool patio particularly vintage. Invest in large terra cotta standing vases for your poolside plant life. Let vines grow over any walls or trellises surrounding your pool. Instead of plastic patio furniture, consider cast iron or bronze pieces. The more classic a piece is, the better.

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